The decision to sell your house fast in Las Vegas is a daunting one; you’re about to sell your largest asset, you’ve got no idea how long it’s going to take, and you need to be prepared to negotiate should you get an offer.

That doesn’t even touch on all the other stressful aspects that selling your home and moving can bring. That’s why you need to have a solid plan for how you will sell your Las Vegas home fast and move forward with your life as soon as possible.

While organizing all the moving pieces of a fast house sale can be difficult, there’s nothing worse than sitting with your house on the market month after month will little interest.

If you’re Googling “how do I sell my house fast?” – stop. Instead, read on to find out everything you need to know and do to effectively market your home for a quick sale.

Your “Sell My House Fast!” Las Vegas Marketing Plan


Step 1 Sell My House Fast Las Vegas: Know the Market

The first thing you need to consider and research is what asking price is actually realistic. All too many people decide what price they want for their home before they sell and don’t discover until after it’s on the market that the asking price is completely unrealistic.

An unrealistic asking price sets you up for disappointment. It will repel buyers who will be much more savvy on your local area (since they’re looking at multiple properties) and likely harm your future efforts to sell your home.

Why? Because sellers can see if your home has been on the market before and for how much, and if you dramatically drop your price they’ll be suspicious about what is wrong with your house, even if the price before was too high.

If you under price your property you’ll potentially miss out on additional profit you could have had, or, again, give potential buyers a reason to be suspicious about why your home is so cheap.

The best way to get to know the market is with your research. You can research yourself by looking at the local market and using online tools to appraise your home. You can also work with a professional appraiser or realtor who can give you a more accurate report on what your home is worth.

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Once you’ve done your research and consulted a professional. You’ll have a much more realistic view of what price your home can achieve. Then you can move forward confidently with putting your house on the market.

Knowing what information to include in your description that will appeal to your kind of buyer (if you need to handle that yourself), and what images to include in your listing.

Step 2 Sell My House Fast Las Vegas: “Stage” Your Home

Not always necessary but certainly helpful. Staging your home means you arrange it in a way that will appeal to the masses. Sometimes we don’t organize our homes in a way that would be appropriate if anyone were to come and live in it. So staging is essentially where you declutter and depersonalize your home.

When it comes to Las Vegas homes & Las Vegas real estate. You don’t have to go overboard and don’t panic if you have young children that would make it difficult to do so, either. Staging your home is not make or break, and you can always hire a professional to do this for you.

If you think your home would benefit from staging. Consider it, otherwise simply clean up and declutter before taking your images and putting your home on the market.

Step 3 Sell My House Fast Las Vegas: Photography is Important

Nowadays, everyone begins their house search online, so you can’t afford to have bad photography. If you’re taking charge of your own listing. Make sure you spend a lot of time getting your images just right, as that’s what’s going to sell your home way before anyone actually turns up for a viewing.

Pay attention to the best lighting in each room. Don’t be afraid to delay a few days if the weather is gloomy, or even take the images on different days.

Crop roads and sidewalks out of the main exterior image where possible, move your vehicle inside the garage or park on the street while you take your images, and clear paths and tidy vegetation.

While we understand what actually living in a home looks like. You want to give the impression that your home is the dream home buyers are looking for.

Las Vegas Home For Sale

Also avoid having suspiciously sparse photography unless you are selling a property as a fixer-upper. As missing pictures of major spaces gives buyers the impression that you have something to hide.

Make sure you have shots of the front and rear of the property, the backyard, the kitchen, dining space, living room, at least one bathroom, and a shot of each bedroom/additional room unless your home is particularly large.

If there’s no image of the kitchen or a bathroom, buyers will wonder why you’ve not included images and suspect that there will be costly work to do in those rooms. (And, even if those rooms are in need of renovation, you need to be upfront so only the right buyers will express interest.)

If in doubt, hire a professional. You’ll be able to find someone locally for your budget. Don’t be afraid to spend a bit more for an experienced professional, especially if your home is worth more.

Your photos are your biggest marketing asset, so don’t neglect them. If a realtor takes control and you aren’t happy with the photos, say something.

Step 4 Sell My House Fast Las Vegas: Consider a Virtual Tour 

While virtual tours are most often seen on million-dollar-plus properties, you can absolutely create one for your own home. Virtual tours are the natural next step for potential buyers who saw something they liked in your photos and description of the home, and while not vital, can easily put your home on the shortlist for buyers who are looking to make a big move and need to make their time count when they make the trip to view potential homes.

In most cases, your realtor or a professional company will take care of this for you. If you have a steady hand and a good smartphone you could do a simple tour around the home, add a little (royalty-free) music to your video, and add it to your listing. There any many good video production companies we use when selling your home.

Alternatively, create a virtual tour with photos instead by adding more images of each room to the virtual tour.

Step 5 Sell My House Fast Las Vegas: Write the Description for Your Market

Lure in the Sin City home buyers & Las Vegas home buyers with a savvy real estate description. If you’re working with a realtor they will take care of this for you, but here are a few pointers to keep in mind if you have control or any input over what will be in your description:

  • Use descriptive language, but avoid overly flowery language
  • Write for your market: is your home a perfect family home? You won’t alienate other buyers by emphasizing the qualities that make it an ideal family home.
  • Mention local amenities and schools
  • Emphasize the home’s features (historical features, pool, basement, attic space, closet and pantry space, etc)

How to sell your house fast in Las Vegas

Step 6 Sell My House Fast Las Vegas: List on Major Home Websites

This means your home should be on the big sites, like Zillow, Realtor, and Redfin to sell your Vegas house.

These sites aren’t a substitution for a realtor or real estate agent. They aren’t going to help you show your home to buyers or advise you on marketing your property.

These sites are the best way to reach potential buyers as they get such a lot of traffic.

If you’re working with a Las Vegas realtor or real estate professional. They’ll likely take care of listing your property on these venues for you. If not, ensure your home gets on these real estate web sites.

Step 7 Sell My House Fast Las Vegas: Consider an Open House

Open houses aren’t for every property; if your property has a high asking price, is far from the city, or is on the smaller side, an open house may not be right for you.

If your home is in an area where other properties often host open houses, that’s a good indication that an open house may also be appropriate for your property.

An alternate way to host an open house is to do it by appointment only – give each viewer a 15 – 30-minute slot to view the home before the next person arrives.

This prevents popular properties from becoming crowded and difficult to move around. While still giving potential buyers the sense that they have competition for the property.

Step 8 Sell My House Fast Las Vegas: Marketing & Selling Your Home

Sometimes you will have a good reason to keep your house sale a secret from those in your life; maybe you’ll only sell for the right offer and don’t want to tell your boss you might be leaving if there’s also a chance that you’ll stay and continue as normal.

However, if you’re serious about selling your home tell people about it! Let your realtor put a sign up in the front yard or put one up yourself. Tell your neighbors, friends, coworkers, people you’re casually talking to in the line at the store – anyone!

You never know who has a friend or relative looking to move to your area who may be the perfect buyer for your property.

Remember that your house will be up for sale online anyway, so anyone who keeps an eye on the local market will find out about your sale anyway.

Step 9 Sell My House Fast Las Vegas: Enhance Your Ads 

Another option you have, once your property has a listing on the major & global real estate websites. Is to pay a little extra to enhance or “sponsor” your listing, which will put it at the top of search results in your area and may offer extra features for your listing.

Use this when you first list your home or as soon as it’s not a “new” listing to keep your property front and center, especially if your home is in an area where there is a lot of other properties coming onto the market.

Step 10 Sell My House Fast Las Vegas: Work with Us

If you’re Googlingsell house Las Vegas” and “selling my home in Las Vegas” looking for the best way to do so, but still feel lost, it’s time to contact us.

Selling your Las Vegas home doesn’t need to be complicated or overly stressful, and we’re here to help you price and market your home effectively.

Contact us, we sell homes, we get cash offers, work with companies that buy houses & we buy houses fast in Las Vegas real estate to sell your house. Get your home on the market in MLS.

Las Vegas is a beautiful and popular area, so when you position and market your Las Vegas home correctly you’ll be able to find the buyer you’re looking for. We are Las Vegas real estate agents & available full time. Work with us to sell your house for market value & list your home for sale today!

To find out more about working with us, click here.

Sell My Home Fast In Las Vegas: Video With Tip & Tricks To Sell Your House

5 Tips & Tricks To Sell Your House Fast Las Vegas For More Money

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