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Finding Las Vegas Homes For Sale! Las Vegas, simply known as Vegas, is the famous resort city in the Mojave Desert area in Clark County of Nevada. Las Vegas is the Mecca of casino lovers around the world and considered the entertainment capital of the world. Most of the action is confined to a 4-mile strip where you will find most of the casinos and hotels in Las Vegas.

It is considered a highly desirable place to live in the United States which is reflected in a very strong demand for homes for sale in Las Vegas.

Even though Las Vegas has earned notoriety as an adult’s only city in Nevada, there is more to this city that warrants attention. Of course, Las Vegas is called Sin City because of its iconic 4-mile strip called Las Vegas Boulevard. However, just a few miles down to this strip are many beautiful residential communities full of all modern amenities for their residents.

These Las Vegas neighborhoods contain many shops and restaurants and residents of Las Vegas hardly need to come to the strip for their enjoyment.  They have several museums, Smith Center for Performing Arts, and many parks in the proximity to have fun and entertainment without going to a casino.

Plenty of fun and entertainment beyond the Las Vegas casinos

Las Vegas is an absolutely amazing city where one finds one of the festivals being organized and being enjoyed by the residents as well as the tourists.

Whether it is the food and wine festival or the Vegas Valley Book Festival, people of Las Vegas do not seem to have a dull moment in their lives. For those fond of action and adventure in the outdoors, Las Vegas is near to many regional and state parks like Valley of Fire State Park, Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, and Lake Mead to have tons of fun in the outdoors.

Las Vegas is a very welcoming place for people of all ages. You will enjoy world class shopping and dining facilities and also love the excellent quality public schools providing education to your kids.

If there are tourists round the year, there are also permanent residents who enjoy the Las Vegas schools, churches, grocery stores, hospitals, and all other important amenities to live a comfortable and relaxed lifestyle in Nevada.

Interior of a modern Las Vegas house, nice dining room and kitchen

Cost of living in Las Vegas

Las Vegas & Henderson areas are a highly desirable place to live not just for families but also for the retirees who hope to enjoy the fun in the world-famous casinos and hotels on the Las Vegas strip. For Las Vegas Real Estate. The Median home price in Las Vegas is $271767 which is only slightly above the national average. You can find an abundant of properties like, Las Vegas Strip Condos for sale, Las Vegas high rise for sale, Henderson Homes for sale, Summerlin Homes for sale, Las Vegas Homes with pool for sale or Las Vegas condos for sale.

Median household income in Las Vegas is $44450. Homeowners enjoy a median monthly rent of $1048 because of a strong demand among renters. Housing costs in Las Vegas is on the higher side but there are still many affordable options for home buyers among homes for sale in Las Vegas in some neighborhoods & communities of the city.

As far as Las Vegas weather is concerned, summers in Vegas can be hot. However, weather conditions remain pleasant during rest of the year. Residents particularly enjoy mild winter season of the city where they do not need to wear very heavy clothing.

Enjoy all the action in the Sin City that never sleeps

Las Vegas enjoys the reputation of a tourist city. But it has a massive population of 621000 people that keeps growing at a good place.  Who wouldn’t like to live in a city that never sleeps? Besides 24/7 slot machines, you also get 24/7 grocery and shopping facility in Las Vegas. There is construction going on constantly in Las Vegas and you will be surprised to see a new skyscraper coming up in the city out of nowhere every now and then.

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Las Vegas Strip, Nevada, USA

Enjoy Las Vegas Weather all round the year

Getting a job in Las Vegas is not difficult. In fact, you can earn a lot of money by just being a bartender provided you have the skills of flipping drinks. But there are plenty of jobs for people in other sectors of economy in Las Vegas. You can easily become absorbed with the tourism industry to earn your livelihood when you move to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas homes for sale provide a good opportunity to settle down in a city with mild winters and abundant sunshine all round the year. If has something for kids, young adults, and even the retires to enjoy a cool and relaxed lifestyle full of all amenities.

The only thing you need to do is to find a neighborhood to buy a home for your family in Las Vegas. If you look at houses for sale in Las Vegas, you will find that there are not just apartments and condos but also single-family homes and townhouses in various neighborhoods to live a comfortable life with your family.

Las Vegas Nevada

Las Vegas is like any other city for its residents

There is no need to go by reports in media and television. The nickname of Las Vegas may be Sin City and it may boast the largest numbers of casinos and hotels, but it is like just another city in the United States if you move beyond the strip.

Their are many homes for sale in Las Vegas & communities. You will find kids playing in the parks, families enjoying in the parks and grocery stores, and people going to churches just like any other city around the country. It is not that people spend all the time in the casinos and the hotels in Las Vegas. They will go to work, watch movies, pray in churches, and visit hospitals like people in any other city do. Slot machines and casinos are for the tourists.

For the residents, Las Vegas is their home. In fact, these residents seem to avoid the ubiquitous neon lights in the evenings that are the main attractions for the average tourists, sometimes.

If you look at the residential real estate of Las Vegas, you will find that most of the popular localities of the city are separate and far away from the infamous strip. Yes, you find many locals residents in the downtown area, but a vast majority of the locals live in the suburbs of Las Vegas. Life in the suburbs is quieter and you are mostly surrounded by desert area.

Las Vegas Real Estate

Homes for sale Las Vegas can be a great experience. Las Vegas is one of the very few cities of the country that escaped the effects of Great Depression in the thirties. Even recently, Vegas did not see as many foreclosures as other cities in other states of the country saw during the recession of 2008-9. Tourism is the backbone of the economy of Las Vegas and it receives these tourists in large numbers all-round the year.

Las Vegas is known for its casinos and the enticing gambling scene. But is it a good decision to buy a home and settle down with your family in Las Vegas? Is it a wise decision or it is like gambling with your life?

It is true that a large percentage of the locals work in the casinos, the bars, hotels, and the hospitality industry but the majority are in no way attached to the glamorous strip as is the misconception among the outsiders.

People work in offices, shop with family, enjoy in the park, pray in churches, and visit doctors like common people in all other cities in the country do. To sum up, it is prudent to say that the economy of the city is dependent upon the casino industry but not the residents of the city indulge in late night parties and gambling like the tourists.

Las Vegas give a suburban feel to its residents despite being so densely populated. It is an hour’s drive from one end to another. This means you need to have your own car to move around and inside the city comfortably. There is very little traffic in Las Vegas if you compare it with the traffic in L.A and Houston.

Don’t think Vegas is congested just because of what you see on the strip. Apart from the strip and the spaghetti junction, you can move around freely in Las Vegas. In fact, average commute time in Las Vegas is just 24.5 minutes.

What is great is the fact that there are many parking lots in Las Vegas. Some of them are free. This means you do not need to spend time finding a parking where you go in Las Vegas.

Do you know that Nevada is one of the states where residents pay lowest taxes out of their incomes? Some of the taxes charged by governments in other states are simply not there in Nevada. Do you know why?

Government of Nevada believes that the tax burden needs to be shouldered by the tourists spending money in the casinos and hotels of Las Vegas. You will be surprised to see that the Sin City attracts nearly 40 million tourists every year.

If you are a pet owner, you will be happy to learn that Las Vegas has large number of parks where you can take your Fido for a stroll. No matter where you decide to buy a home and live with your family, you have a beautiful park where you can take along your dog for some fun and frolic. Some of the popular dog parks of Las Vegas are Centennial Hills Park, All American Park, Barkin’ Basin Park, and Children’s Memorial Park.

Crime may be a factor in the minds of families planning to move to Las Vegas. Crime rates are a bit higher in Las Vegas than other metropolitan cities around the country.

However, these crimes are mostly taking place on the “Strip” where casinos and hotels are located. The Las Vegas neighborhoods containing homes of the residents are quiet and peaceful and owners need not worry about the safety and security of their homes and loved ones.

This is one reason why there is a high demand for homes for sale in Las Vegas. However, it is advisable for you to carry out a study of the crime situation in various Las Vegas communities before buy a home in Las Vegas.


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